Quotation Terms & Conditions :

www.Officekart.com website provides a service for the Buyer to request Officekart/Vendors, for Quotations / Information on various products and / or services listed on officekart.com offered by various Vendors/ Manufacturers.

When a Buyer sends officekart.com the request for Quotations / Information regarding products and / or services, Officeckart will forward by the request to selective Vendors,

Whom Officekart feel are suitable to the Buyer's requirement. www.Officekart.com can set  (or let a vendor) the price / quote or determine the percentage of discounts or offers on these products or services ( request for quote sent by buyer).

When a vendor responds to the buyers request and the buyer approves a the response sent , and approves a quote the quotation is converted into an approved quotation,with all the applicable terms and conditions.

The buyer can then buy those products listed in the quote for that price /quantity,delivery charge.

Any change by the buyer to the quantity ( lower – higher) vendor/officekart has got the right to refuse the order,Increase/decrease – Product/delivery charges  also vendor/officekart can set there terms and conditions for a particular quote in addition to the terms and conditions for using quotation services on officekart.com.

Price offered in a quote is subject to terms and conditions and buyer will not be able to buy/purchase from an approved quote once ,quotation period has expired or is editted by the buyer. Buyer needs to resend rfq(quotation) and go thru the process of approving it .Vendor/Officekart reserve’s all right to Cancel a approved Quotation or duration or validity of the quotation .

When any products and / or services are bought or procured by a Buyer, using an approved Quotations / Information sent by Vendors, www.officekart.com takes limited liablit of the Quotations / Information or pricing of products and / or services offered for sale.  

www.officekart.com has no control over the quality, safety or legality of the Quotations / Information details sent by the Vendors, therefore, you should take precautions and proper care before entering into a contract or purchasing any product and / or service.

Buyers and Vendors are completely responsible for any transaction involving purchase / sale or exchange of products and / or services.

 Buyers must resolve any disputes that may arise in your transactions with the Vendor directly and are responsible for researching and complying with any applicable laws, regulations or restrictions on items, products, services, or manner of purchase / sale or exchange that may pertain to transactions in which they participate.

 The price, cost, best deals of products and / or services may be cancelled, called off, delayed or postponed by the Vendors for a variety of reasons; therefore, the Buyers should contact the Vendors for further clarification or information on this issue.

www.officekart.com is not responsibility for such cancelled, called off, delayed or postponed price, cost, and best deals of products and / or services. www.officekart.com through this agreement prohibits any Buyer from subscribing to these Emails, SMS and calls from us as SPAM or Do Not Disturb.

Any Buyer found to be using the foregoing subscriptions will be barred from using our service in future.